Elysian Essentials: 5 Favorite Tea Towels

Written by Jessica Comingore Photo by Katie Newburn for MARCH

Well-designed tea towels, though seemingly banal in function have a way of instantly drawing up cozy visions of baking, making tea, and decorating for dinner parties. They have inexplicable magic that draws me into my kitchen and can instantly brighten my mood. Luckily these days, there are a plethora of options to make them an extension of your design aesthetic, matching them to your color palette of choice. I tend to gravitate more towards neutral tones in my home and therefore have matching tea towels to reflect the serene environment I create. However, if bold patterns and pops of colors are what you need to give yourself a jolt of energy you can definitely find this variety as well. Here we have rounded up our top five favorite tea towels to elevate your kitchen and spirits.


1. Linen Tea Towel in Waves by Hawkins New York
2. Elca Tea Towel by Tori Murphy
3. Parma Tea Towel in Black by Libeco
4. Tasseled Neon Stripe Tea Towel from Leif
5. Linen Tea Towel in Brushstroke by Cotton & Flax

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