Elysian Being: The Wind Down with Traditional Medicinals (Part II)

Written by Jessica Comingore Photography by Cara Robbins

Even though the holiday season is over and the projects surrounding it have all come to an end, there’s no relaxing getaway for me in sight. Although it’s fun daydreaming about jetting away to some tropical paradise, the realities of a demanding freelance lifestyle always seem to nudge before I get the chance to browse any sort of Caribbean travel deals online. No matter how long a stretch I’ve been working, my creative cycle rarely settles to a ‘resting’ phase. For me, like so many of us, the thought of a new year brings with it hopes of a more complete self-wellness routine. Though more often than not, that quickly evaporates with the kickstart of a new project. While getting off the grid for extended R&R may be unattainable at present, there are definitely ways to enhance your daily self-care regimen right now. These include techniques that can be used throughout any 9 to 5 workday, helping you avoid the burnout and keeping your wellness on track.


In the last installment of my Traditional Medicinals post, I shared my favorite stress-relief teas, and how they can be implemented in a nightly, wind-down ritual to relieve stress. The use of Traditional Medicinals’ line of teas has really helped me to relax into restful sleep, but let’s face it, stress doesn’t just hit us before bedtime. In modern society, we’re often faced with problems and anxieties from the moment we wake up.

Even though our daily stresses are unavoidable, and overworking is a growing norm, it’s critical to take time out of our hectic schedule to take care of ourselves. It may seem impossible, but oftentimes it’s easier than you’d think to transform even the most anxiety inducing work environments into spaces of relaxation. Here are a few steps you can take to reroute your routine back onto the track of well-being.


Start a Wellness Journal

When waking up, it can be easy to open the mental floodgates to every possible worry and stress we keep bottled up overnight. Instead of going through the day with pent up aggravation, put your thoughts down on paper to clear space for a new group of positive thoughts. Writing in a journal first thing in the morning is a great way to instill a sense of mindfulness that can be carried throughout your routine. In addition to letting out what’s bothering you, try penning some notes of gratitude to bring yourself to a positive place even before your first cup of Traditional Medicinals tea.

Incorporate Calming Scents

Aromatherapy candles and incense are often used when winding down after a long day, but the calming quality of scents such as chamomile and lavender can help de-stress even during a long day at the office. Try tucking away an aromatic lavender sachet into a frequently used drawer, or placing it on your desktop to turn reaching for a file from something stressful into an act of enjoyment.

Reach for a mid-morning cup of tea

Even if you’re a devoted coffee drinker who can’t imagine your eyes opening without that extra espresso shot, incorporating herbal tea into your workday does wonders for your well-being. Sip a cup of Traditional Medicinals tea between meals, switching infusions throughout the day. Some of my favorite daytime varieties are Cup of Calm (including passionflower, chamomile, lavender and catnip in its tranquil blend), Chamomile with Lavender (a dynamic duo of gentle herbs, known for their ability to help you slow down and savor the moment), and Stress Ease Cinnamon (incorporating an herb from the mint family known as ‘skullcap,’ which is one of the most powerful herbs known to relieve stress). Traditional Medicinals even refers to this as its “herbal happy hour” tea.


I know it’s not easy to step away from the pressing matters that constantly push and pull us, but taking brief daily moments to refresh and unwind really does bring a new perspective to every aspect of living. Hopefully, these tips and techniques will guide you over your stress hurdles and help you lead a fuller, more rewarding and more relaxing daily routine.

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