Elysian Being: The Wind Down with Traditional Medicinals (Part I)

Written by Jessica Comingore Photography by Jessica Comingore & Jennifer Young

If you ask me, the holiday season for designers can be a bit like tax season for accountants. Work goes on overdrive and weekends disappear while a lengthy list of to-do’s are chipped away at before D-Day hits (in their case Tax Day, in our case Christmas). I’m knee-deep in crunch time as we speak, which has also, unfortunately, meant a steady decline in my self-care regimen. I’ve talked about it before on here, but it’s not uncommon for my stress surrounding work to manifest in a very physical way, whether it be a poor sleep cycle, aching shoulders, or more commonly, a gut inflamed and tied in knots. For the past year, I’ve been exploring remedies through regular visits to an Ayurvedic doctor, and my overarching takeaway has been the direct correlation between our body’s performance and what we put in it.

Prior to my time exploring Ayurvedic medicine, I was never quite able to pinpoint the source of my ailments, and simply thought I was one of those people with a, “sensitive stomach.” Without much knowledge under my belt, I turned to tea. Namely, ginger tea. It quickly became a daily regimen, and a natural remedy I sought out each time I found myself with stomach pain. While my practices around health and self-care are much more wide-reaching these days, one thing that has not changed is my daily cup of ginger tea and the brand I turn to when I need it, Traditional Medicinals.


Beyond digestive remedies, I’ve uncovered an array of teas through Traditional Medicinals that I turn to when I’m not feeling well. From a soothing my throat, to daily detoxing, to sleeplessness, I’ve found comfort in knowing I’m often just a cup of tea away from feeling considerably more at ease. With the holiday season upon us, I thought it an appropriate time to circle back on the topic of self-care and share an easy-to-adopt evening routine, especially for those of you going through a similar feeling of being on overdrive. While there are a handful of practices I like to incorporate throughout my day, I wanted to focus specifically on the wind down period between ending work and going to sleep. I’m a firm believer that we begin setting the tone for our day before the previous one has even ended.

Similar to brewing a cup of ginger tea upon waking, it’s become part of my nightly routine to wind down with a cup of calming (or sleep aiding) tea. Sometimes it’s a simple Chamomile, sometimes it’s a Cup of Calm, but most often I turn to my longtime favorite, Nighty Night tea. Not only does the act itself create a transition activity between work and sleep, but Nighty Night also helps to calm and soothe the nervous system and relieve occasional sleeplessness. I’ve even gone as far as to create a dedicated travel pouch for my Traditional Medicinals teas for easy access whenever I’m on the road.


While tea is hands-down my most prominent practice when it comes to self-care, there are also a few other activities I like to set aside the time for when it comes to winding down. You can find a breakdown on my afternoon-to-evening routine below.


Brew a cup of Lemon Balm tea in anticipation of winding down my day. Lemon balm is mildly relaxing and helps relieve tension.*


Draw a bath and add in a few drops of lavender essential oil. The scent alone works wonders for relaxation.


Power down all electronics (cell phone included) with a 10pm bedtime in sight. I give myself a full three hours of uninterrupted time away from a screen, which usually includes a mini yoga session to help loosen my muscles after a long day of sitting at a desk (even ten minutes of legs-up-the-wall pose before dinner feels wonderful).


Take a twenty-minute walk around the neighborhood to help my digestion post-dinner, and breathe in some fresh air after a day in the office.


Find a comfortable spot to curl up and read with a cup of Traditional Medicinals tea within reach.

Do you have any evening activities that are crucial to your wind down? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Stay tuned for the second half of this post with a focus on stress come the New Year.

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