On The Bookshelf: Vintage Munro by Alice Munro

Written by Cerise Zelenetz

Whether you’re a long-time Munro enthusiast or new to the Nobel Prize winner’s work; ‘Vintage Munro’ is the perfect addition to any avid reader’s bookshelf. Presenting both a marvelously commanding overview of her best known short fiction for collectors, as well as a deeply compelling introduction to her work, the compilation will have you positively hooked as each page unfolds. Bringing together five of the author’s previously published short stories from throughout her career, Munro holds nothing back as she tugs at the heart, questions the mind, and digs to the root of underlying emotions that exist within each of us.

Through clever dialogue, pensive reflection, and a slew of artfully penned truths, the author creates forcible characters that reach beyond basic words and pages to inhabit unique worlds of their own envisioning. From a young woman’s afflictive relationship with her aging father bound for heart surgery, to a single librarian’s complex love life as discovered through a series of letters from her past, Munro explores a broad range of human experience in search of presenting some sort of guidance to the unanswerable questions we all have. Romantic yet harsh, quiet yet piercing, the author’s words strike hundreds of brilliant chords that will not soon be forgotten.

Get your hands on a copy here.

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