On The Bookshelf: A Modern Way To Eat by Anna Jones

Written by Dário Solari Photo by Jessica Comingore

It’s often easy to forget that the ultimate form of design is cooking. In ‘A Modern Way to Eat’ chef Anna Jones applies to cooking that which makes good design special: appeal, accessibility and simplicity.

Beautifully shot by photographer Brian Ferry, the images are clean and radiant without appearing sterile, while Sandra Zellmer’s graphic design applies an open layout with a liberal use of lowercase text, giving the book legibility on the move (or in this case, while cooking). The book sets off with a touching introduction by world renowned chef Jamie Oliver, from whom Anna Jones learned her craft and assisted for many years. The author subsequently breaks down her ‘recipe thought process’ which is possibly the most valuable part of the book. By applying her method to one’s chosen ingredients, the reader is well on their way to being an experienced, sustainable and healthy cook.

The focus of the book is not for one to memorize recipes, follow a strict dietary regime or save the environment, but it takes such complexities of modern life into account, encouraging one to create the environment to achieve all of the above in a grounded and realistic manner. The motivation to use vegetables and eat seasonally becomes a delight rather than a chore, making ‘A Modern Way To Eat’ a cookbook for everyone, including people who don’t like cookbooks or don’t even cook.

In the film ‘Trainspotting’ the main character Mark Renton famously states, “The world is changing, music is changing, even men and women are changing”… a statement that could also be applied to Jones’ book. By demonstrating that food and ultimately eating ‘has to change’ in order to keep up with the times, this cookbook serves as a step in the right direction.

A Modern Way To Eat is available for purchase through Kanimambo Books.

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